Foraging for the Future


We believe the future of sweetness will come from somewhere unexpected. At MycoTechnology, we’re constantly searching for new possibilities from the fungi kingdom. Our latest discovery uncovered a truffle with a surprisingly sweet taste. We studied the truffle to find the source of its sweetness, isolating the honey truffle sweetener – a sweet protein– for the first time in history.  



Hitting the Sweet Spot


Honey truffle sweetener brings a clean, potent, natural sweetness to food and beverage formulations. At nearly two thousand times sweeter than sugar, it can be incorporated into sweetness solutions at a cost-in-use competitive with other sweetening ingredients. And since it is a protein, we are confident it can be easily digested by the body.  

Carbonated Softdrinks

From Discovery to Reality


From regulatory affairs and operations, to food science and commercialization, MycoTechnology's team of experts is working tirelessly to deliver honey truffle sweetener to consumers. As we scale up our proprietary production platform and prepare for global regulatory submissions, we are collaborating with strategic partners for testing and development.



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 "I have no doubt that proteins are the future of sweetness –and among known sweet proteins, honey truffle sweetener is where I'd place my bet. With its shockingly clean taste and natural source, it could be a true game changer for food and beverages around the globe."  


Rob Case
Former CMO, Nestlé




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