Functional and flavorful are the future of food & Beverage Products

This functional ingredient guide includes:

  • ACTIONABLE statistics on functional food and beverage trends.
  • TRENDING key functional food ingredients and their associated benefits like stronger immunity, more energy, and better cognitive heath.
  • LEARN how Myco ClearIQ™ natural flavor mitigates strong, over-powering flavors.

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Myco Clear IQ™ Natural Flavor Modulation for Food & Beverage Producers

Consumers are expecting more and more functional benefits in their food and beverage along with great taste. But the pressure doesn't just come from consumers - your competitors are increasingly claiming their products deliver it all! From creamers to confectionery, food and beverage manufacturers have the opportunity to delight consumers and stay ahead of the competition with the information in our guide to functional ingredients.

Discover nature's best kept secret for great taste.

myco brighten fruity flavors
Brighten fruity flavors
myco enhance indulgent flavors
Enhance indulgent flavors
myco mitigate protein off notes
Mitigate protein off-notes
myco reduce bitterness
Reduce bitterness

Amplify flavor in a variety of applications.

  • myco alternative sweeteners
    Alternative Sweeteners
  • myco baked goods
    Baked Goods
  • myco cbd
  • myco chocolates
  • myco caffeine
  • mcyo confections
  • myco dairy alternatives
    Dairy Alternatives
  • myco energy drinks
    Energy Drinks
  • myco functional beverages
    Functional Beverages
  • myco meat alternatives
    Meat Alternatives
  • myco plant based protein
    Plant-based Protein
  • myco vitamins minerals supplements
    Vitamins, Minerals & Supplements

Keep up with functional food and beverage trends.

Keep up with the latest trends in functional food with the statistics in our guide showing what consumers care about most, and what your competitors are claiming in their product launches.

Mitigate bitter tastes from  functional ingredients.

The drawback of many functional ingredients is their bitter taste or other over-powering flavors. Find out which ingredients deliver the greatest benefits that your consumers are craving.

Learn about mushroom-based natural flavor modulation. 

MycoTechnology is tapping into the natural power of mushroom mycelia to transform manufacturers' ability to mix functional and flavorful ingredients. Learn more about how it works.