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Consumers are seeking plant-based food and beverages, but they don't want to sacrifice taste. Plant-based ingredients such as pea, oat, and rice proteins often introduce complex taste challenges, causing food formulators and culinary innovators to search for solutions.

Derived from mushroom mycelial fermentation, ClearIQ™ natural flavor can neutralize challenging off-notes and enhance flavor profiles to deliver better-tasting products without compromise.

Myco ClearIQ™ can help mitigate the following sensory off-notes: bitter, metallic, rancid, sour, cereal, paper, musty, stale, pea/green pea, grainy, mineral, marine, vegetal, earthy, green and grassy AND MORE!

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Learn how ClearIQ™ enabled an RTD coffee manufacturer to launch a delicious oat beverage that became its fastest growing line extension.

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Adding Myco ClearIQ™ to plant-based products significantly reduces off-note attributes and enhances desired flavor profiles.